Meet Switchback

Switchback is a 250 lbs combat robot competing on Battlebots Season 6. With a vertical drum spinner that weighs up to 80 lbs, a modular drive train, and an 180 degree articulating arm, Switchback is a combat robot's worst nightmare.

Designed to specifically fight every variety of robot design, Switchback has a number of modifications to make her successful in the Box. From forks to wedgelets to side skirts, Switchback goes prepared to every single fight regardless of who she's up against. 

Switchback, a bright orange and black robot, sits on the ground in front of a stainless steel table. Switchback has long pointed forks attached to its front, and the arm is positioned at an angle so Switchback looks ready to fight.Switchback, a bright orange and black robot, sits on a stainless steel work table, facing away from the camera. The large Xilinx and REV Robotics logos are visible on the front arm plate. Switchback has steel side skirts attached to the drive train, and a set of small wedges are screwed onto the back.

Switchback is built by Team Midnight Invention, a team of 12 builders with a combined 100 years of experience building robots. Many of the team members discovered robotics through FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology.) FIRST is an international non-profit STEM education organization that shows kids the value of hands-on STEM education, and teaches them valuable skills for the workforce.

Our team captain, Greg Needel, along with his business partner and Team Midnight Invention team member, David Yanoshak, own and operate REV Robotics. REV is an international company that designs parts for educational robotics programs, such as FIRST teams, and they provided the resources necessary to create Switchback. This team and our robot would not exist without Greg, David, and the generosity of sponsors like REV Robotics and Xilinx.

Although Switchback and the team are rookies going into Season 6 of Battlebots, our preparation and enthusiasm for robotics gives us the drive and knowledge to "punch above our weight class," so to speak. We are grateful to the people at Battlebots and our fellow builders for giving us the chance to really show what Switchback can do. We can't wait for you to see her in action! Be sure to follow Switchback's awesome journey on Battlebots Season 6 on Discovery.